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Andrea Amar Chaud becomes TOKI’S new Executive Director

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The Head of Finances and ex volunteer at NGO Toki becomes the Executive Director of the Organization.

As we have told you, the pandemic shook our NGO profoundly. Besides changing our financial model, ending gratuity, and closing out the contracts of emblematic teachers, we said goodbye to our Executive Director Carolina Campos in 2020.

From that moment until March of 2021 the post remained vacant. Meanwhile the day to day work was left in the hands of our financial director, Andrea Amar Chaud, who, with enormous effort, managed to apply for projects, do all the work in finance plus the work of the Executive Director.

Andrea has an extraordinary work capacity. Besides her dedication and eye for detail, she has something that makes her a natural for this position: her in-depth knowledge of Toki. She arrived as a volunteer in 2016 and started as an advisor in the financial model of the time,   found ways to apply for projects and handled an unlimited number of commitments, until, in 2017, she was officially put in charge of Toki’s finances.

Her impeccable work, her order, discipline, dedication and above all her profound love for Toki with which is apparent at all times and keeps her focused on our NGO is why the NGO has been placed in her hands. She’s the ideal person to direct our steps strategically.

The administrative team at Toki is tiny and diverse with multiple tasks and they often work under extreme pressure. Andrea has managed to get the best out of each person, guiding them and strengthening the team.

We trust that Andrea who unites professionalism, charisma, closeness and deep knowledge of our organization will give us the best results possible to achieve the level we dream of for our beloved mission.

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